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(Video will be available soon for purchase.)


• Learn how to transform your photos into a variety of different artistic styles.
• Create pencil sketches, watercolors, and oil paintings.
• Electrify your subjects, splash them with water, or set them on fire.
Liquefy, warp, and distort your images into fantastic shapes or reflect them into kaleidoscopic patterns of perfect symmetry.
• Experiment with brushes and learn about the power of actions.

Spend an afternoon learning easy post-processing techniques you can apply to your photographs to rapidly style them in all sorts of creative ways. You will be amazed at how a simple technique can generate dramatic results.

This workshop will be equal parts inspiration and information. You'll learn the "how" and the "why"!
It's about having creative fun with your photos and seeing where that process leads you. Creative play at its best.

We will discuss not only how to apply various creative techniques to your digital photographs, but we will also consider which photos might be best suited for each of the various techniques. You will learn to work your way from conception to execution with a specific intent.

A variety of third party applications, plugins, actions, brushes, and overlays will also be demonstrated as part of the workshop.
Students will be provided with a full set of notes and will have
unlimited access to a video recording of the workshop.


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