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Join Adobe Certified Lightrom Expert Jeff Hirsch
for an 8-Week ONLINE Class in Digital Photo Workflow using
Adobe Lightroom

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Learn Lightroom the RIGHT way, the first time around!

Learn how to spend less time in front of your computer
and more time behind your camera!

Learn a fast and easy way to catalog, keyword, store, search, develop, output and archive your ever growing collection of digital photographs.

This eight week course covers all of the basic functions of Adobe's Lightroom software for digital photography and provides the photographer with a complete end-to-end solution.

  • Learn "best-practices" for efficient and effective digital photography workflow.
  • A perfect class for photographers of all skill levels. The organization and RAW development workflow will benefit beginners and professionals alike.
  • Ideal for those looking to make the leap from JPEG to RAW but have been intimidated by the complexity of the RAW develop process.
  • Great for those users whose image collections have outgrown ther ability to manage and store them.

Class Focal Points:

We will focus primarily on Lightroom's develop and library modules, but we will also cover RAW image processing, short and long term file storage, keywording and sorting strategies, and a number of other specialized topics.

Course Outline:

  • Week 1: Introduction, Program Preferences, & Library Module
  • Week 2: Library Module (Importing Photos, Learning the Lightroom Interface)
  • Week 3: Library Module (Organizing with Folders & Collections, Culling with Grading & Filtering)
  • Week 4: Library Module (Keywords, Collections & Smart Collections)
  • Week 5: Develop Module (Basics)
  • Week 6: Develop Module (Global Adjustments)
  • Week 7: Develop Module (Localized Adjustments)
  • Week 8: External Editing (Lightroom to Photoshop, Catalog Import/Export)



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Can't wait? Click here to purchase the video training package for this class!

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