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Photoshop Core Skills - Video Training

Learn the fundamentals of SelectionsLayersLayer MaskingCompositingRetouching, and Filters to take your photos from good to great.

  • Learn each of Photoshop's selection tools and how they are best used.
  • Learn how to select and isolate subjects in your photos no matter how complex (Including semi-transparent elements like hair, feathers, and trees!)
  • Learn the secrets of layers and layer masks for assembling realistic composites.
  • Learn to replace elements large and small including sky and background replacement. 
  • Learn photo retouching techniques to correct, replace, or repair damaged or distracting elements in your images.

Purchase includes:

  • 16 Hours Of Video Training
  • 4 Bonus videos
  • Complete Notes for all 8 sessions
  • Resources Page
  • 1.2Gb of Sample Files

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