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16 Hours of Video Training with
Adobe Certified Lightrom Expert Jeff Hirsch

$250 USD

Purchase includes the following:

  • 16 Hours Of Video Training
  • 4 Bonus videos
  • Complete Notes for all 8 sessions
  • Resources Page

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Each Module in Lightroom will be explored in greater depth with a continued emphasis on Library and Develop. This 8 week course covers more advanced features of Adobe's Lightroom software for digital photography and provides the photographer a way to move beyond the basic workflow and into better ways of organizing and expressing your unique photographic vision. We will also take a deeper dive into the powerful Localized tools (Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, Spot Healing, and Adjustment Brush.)

Class Focal Points:

As with the fundamentals class, we will focus primarily on Lightroom's develop and library module, but we will also cover a myriad of advanced topics including: Lightroom Mobile workflow, tethered shooting, creating and applying custom camera calibration profiles, advanced schemes of organization by keyword and collection, plug-ins and other third-party extensions, storage solutions for larger libraries.

Class Lessons will include:

    • Fixing messed-up libraries - how to solve the most common organizational mistakes.
    • How to split, combine and move images, folders and catalogs alike.
    • How to fix misfiled or misspelled keywords and the images attached to them.
    • How to deal with expanding storage needs for laptops and desktops
    • "Live" exercises in the Develop module, focusing on solutions to problem images and how to use the develop module to best express your vision and voice for each image.
    • How to make the most of Lightroom's print layout options to create sophistcated end products.
    • Demonstrations of tethered shooting, generating calibration profiles for cameras, and more.
    • Incorporating Lightroom Mobile into your photo workflow.


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