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About five years ago I put together an inspirational short film for photographers called "Moments In Time". It showcases 550 pictures in sixty seconds and is meant as an expression of why I love photography so much. It is a call to action for photographers to embrace the power of stopping time.

The film was originally created as a Short Essay submission for the annual competition held by the St. Louis Camera Club. I decided it might be enjoyed by more than just the members of the club, so one morning in February of 2015, I quietly shared it to the photograpy group over at reddit.com and went to work for the day. I did not anticipate much in the way of a response and was more than a little surprised when my mailbox started blowing up later in the day with responses to the video.

What I didn't know at the time was that somebody at Petapixel had noticed my post on reddit and decided to write about it for the popular photography website. (Now we know where their writers get some of their story ideas!)

You can imagine my surprise when I started getting email later that day from people as far away as Israel and Australia telling me how much they were inspiried by my little film. When I wrote back asking them how they found it (I assumed they saw it on reddit or via a YouTube search) they told me they read an article on Petapixel about it. Sure enough there it was in black and white on their website.

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